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Hi! I am so blessed that you found my site all about Multiple Organ RA and other Chronic/Terminal/invisible diseases. I just want to take a moment to say HI to all the new followers/ readers. I feel very grateful that you took time out of your day to stop by. 🙂 Please respect what I and or my admin blog about, this website is about how I live everyday with a terminal/chronic disease and the challenges i personally go through. I share MY story, all the Ups and Downs. I bare all.  I will also have others life stories of pain and struggles and lots of other information that may be able to help someone in the same situation! Remember to be kind and please no rude feedback(I have an admin who removes all rude/hurtful comments before they even reach the site) So please feel safe to continue to send in your inspiring stories and together we will help others understand our lives. 

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Many people have asked how they can help;  Meals are occassionally needed during med nights(usual wednesdays)if you are local feel free to drop off a meal. Please say prayers & send positive thoughts! For those of you who have asked about giving donations,  I have also set up a Gofund account: where anyone can donate to help pay for upcoming out of state hospital/dr visits, other medical necessities .UPDATE******I am in desperate need of dental care as the disease is destroying the bone in my jaw. The dental bill is estimated at over 1000.00. (You can even make a donation directly to my dentist, if you wish; to do this just email me/call/text myself and i will let you know who my dentist is. Also i will be needing a few hundred for an upcoming California(out of coverage) Dr appt. Anything is greatly appreciated. 🙂 Thank YOU



***Special thanks To Bruce Robertson***

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AWARENESS Information
A lot of great info is at this above website. I personally believe knowledge is power, so please get out their and spread the word! The more people know, the more understanding, compassion and hopefully better care we will receive. My personal GOAL this year is to have my personal story up on YouTube, which will also appear here on my website. I want to make a difference in the world and i want to share my life struggles with no sugar-coating. I personally have multiple organ RA which is different from regular RA, and i struggle to find others who understand, so i hope that by telling my story I will help others come forward and share. It is important for us to speak up about our lives. We all are different, we all experience different things, take different meds, have different pains and aches etc. We are each others support! God Bless

Side note** 9 years ago, i met someone who would change my life through music, his name is Tyrone Wells! Thanks To Tyrone i have been able to get through many hard days and nights. He also gave me a once and a lifetime trip to see him play in Southern California and stay at a magic vineyard, Sunstone Winery. A trip i will never forget!  He also has been working on something special for me, which when done i promise to share with you all!!! 😉

With all that said,if you ever need to listen to an angel, look up his music…here is one his videos performing one of my favorite songs, please enjoy <3