Church Revival Time

Hey You, yes i am talking to YOU, please do not just pass over this post just because you are not religious and or do not believe what i believe, you can still take away something from my message. If you type in Google, the word Revival it will come up with this definition, ‘ an improvement in the condition or strength of something.” So what i personally take from this word is a Revival is taking something i already do and or believe in and essentially renewing my attention on it. (if that makes any sense to you ;-)) And honestly i can say that on previous occasions and at other churches i have not gone because number 1 my pride and number 2, i do not need someone jumping around the stage telling me what i should and should not be doing(maybe this fits into the pride category too idk) Anyways i just did not want to partake. I look back now(that was about 6 years ago) and i can clearly see that the real reason i did not go was because i knew i would feel shame because i knew what i was doing outside of church and from what i had seen on television, i could tell it could be very emotional and maybe it would just be too close for comfort for me.
Fast Forward…to last October when the Ruby Family touched my heart and i followed them into SVBC. It took just a little over a few months of being there and i went to my first revival at a “sister” church. I was so moved and had such a great experience that when i saw my own church family, SVBC was going to be doing a Revival i was filled with so much joy and here is why…
Sierra View Baptist Church is not just a church, this place is like home for me, this group of people are family, i feel safe, i feel comfort, i feel something i have never had growing up and that is faith and grace. So with all that said, tonight was the first night of our 3 evening Revival and the message was powerful! We all lose sight of things we believe in at one point in our lives and or we give up on the things we want in life. This health has tested me over & over again but i still stand strong against this fight. Somedays i feel weak and small but i do not give up and more importantly i don’t blame god! Life is short, please keep renewing your faith & grace! There is A purpose for all we go through❤️