Important Health Update

Hi everyone! I hope this post finds you all doing the best you can 😉

For those of you who are not on my Facebook, i thought i would let you know what my latest health decision is. I have decided to stop all treatments. My case is complicated and we seem to be getting nowhere real quick. I did not just make a quick decision, i have been praying for awhile about this and i feel nervous BUT good about my choice. My last treatment will be the second week of February. Dr’s have told me that my kidneys and heart will shut down BUT they are unsure of the time frame. I have decided not to worry about a “time frame” and i am just going to enjoy everyday as much as i can! With that said i have started a Gofund account so that i can raise money to do some traveling(health allowing) if for some reason i die before i am able to start traveling, all proceeds will be donated to a charity. Here is the link to my Gofund page

Any donations will be greatly appreciated, but i also ask that you put my family and I on your prayer list. Next week i will be putting together my “mini” vacation list and i promise to share it with all you! Also if you would like to see me or want to do something, please contact me. As always thanks for all your continued support through all this, i love you all times inifiti

Hello 2015!

Several people have asked me what i plan to do in this new year, well here is my list ‘HEALTH” Permitting;-) I spent part of Christmas(the week i started my list) in the hospital, so my list is not complete yet but what i have decided on is below….I will add to it as needed………..

1. Once a month go somewhere new and take some pictures. I have really found a love of photography 😉 Getting out into the wilderness gives me a little break from my bed.

2. I will be making some serious Health decisions at the end of this month. I am so tired of doing weekly chemo meds(they are ZERO FUN) The Dr says my organs will begin to fail,if i stop but i believe this is all up to God Not what the Dr’s say. And if its my time, its my time.

3. Blog at least 2 times a week

4. Continue to go to as many concerts/football games as i can

5. Do some light travel

6. Continue to love those who are deserving and move on from those who aren’t

7. Work on being an RA ambassador, after all i am all about finding a cure so none of us have to suffer again.