The 4ever ride through 5 states in 8days

I would apologize for the lateness of this post HOWEVER, i have been very sick, and therefore have been unable to complete it in a timely manner…Good thing i am not getting graded ūüėČ HA

I need to get this part of the post out now, as i started to write this post, my bestfriend furbaby Haussen passed away on Friday July¬†22nd. All i can say right now is my heart will never be the same. He has always been by my side since the day i got him almost 11 years ago. While i was being diagnosed with horrible incurable diseases and being hurt by people leaving because i was too sick…..I always had him. Some cats can be asses, Haussen was extremely loving, so much he would actually drive you crazy and you would push him away. He was put here on my path to show me unconditional love, and for that i love him more than words can ever express. Haussen my life was changed because of the love you showed me. I will see you at the Rainbow Bridge my friend. I love you.


¬†Because this post is going to ¬†be extremely long I’m going to break it up into three sections…. the first section ¬†will be before the 3208 mile trip the second section ¬†will be during that 3208 mile trip and last section ¬†will be after the 3208 mile trip. Lets get this awesomeness going…..

Before the TRIP!!!!!!!!!!

I think most people will ¬†agree with me you don’t have to be sick to be stressed before going on a major trip in fact I think everybody kind of gets a little crazy with all the moving parts of a major vacation. There is a lot to get done before a vacation, you have to get organize especially if you have children, pets, ¬†jobs etc. Now in my case add Health Shit to that mix. And just for your FYI, it is not just adding meds etc, it is planning for emergencies. Being sick adds a whole other level of crazy to a trip. You spoonies know what i am talking about LOL

We took extra days off just in case my health went off the tracks.  My daughter agreed to watch the crazy animals and house sit among all the other house stuff such as watering, bringing in the mail etc. I sat and counted meds for the entire trip plus 2 days(again just for emergencies). We had to get me a new med bag that held ice for all my biologics and chemo drugs. I swear i spent more time with my medical shit than packing my side of the motorcycle. I think we did a great job. Here is a photo of the motorcycle packed with all anyone would need. We had a tent, 2 sleeping bags, clothes for 2 people for 2 weeks, food, emergency stuff and all my medical necessities.img_9685 I think we did great!


We left August 3rd and made it all the way to Wells Nevada where we stayed in what turned out to be a shithole. My advice,Just keep riding past Wells, they really have no idea how to run a hotel. EEK

Thursday the 4th, we got up and headed to Twin Falls, Idaho where we made our first HD chip and of course bought my first vacation tank top. Woot Woot  I grew up partly in Twin Falls so it was very important to start off here. ;-} From Twin Falls we drove to Idaho Falls, Idaho where we could enjoy some YUMMY Artic Circle! Man i miss me some Artic Circle! Great food. mmmm  We then drove a little further to Victor Idaho to our first Tent spot of the trip. Lets just say the weather was not so nice to us that night. BURRR  Sometimes i forget how cold Idaho can get up in the mountains, especially in a tent. Here is our tent site.


Friday the 5th we woke up to the sound of thunder on the road, and when i say thunder, i mean Harleys….They were everywhere, it was such a great sound to hear! ¬†We packed up our tent and headed off to Yellowstone. This was probably the most beautiful part of the trip so far…..img_9621

This was the first day that my thoughts got the best of me, and i found myself getting depressed and missing my cat. I just remember praying for God to heal my heartache and within minutes we came around this corner ¬†to an area where it was obvious a fire had gone through and destroyed parts of the forest….and then i looked down and this is when i noticed through the destruction, beauty was already growing…img_9614¬† These yellow flowers reminded me that we all live and die…it is all Beautiful…Sometimes we just get lost in the sadness and forget the memories the loved one has given us…

****Side note, if you ever go through Victor Idaho, stop at this little ma and pa pub.img_9569 It is amazing!!!

We continued on to Yellowstone and saw NOTHING….but this cute ass FOX

img_0011 HA~~~

Yes i made my helmet and my chap tie on. ūüėČ

Later this evening we finally made it to Cody Wy where we had reservations at Pattys house(airBnB) for the night. This was also the second stop for a HD chip. We also bought Haus the Fox (in memory of Haussen)to add to our Motorcycle animal family.img_0140

We enjoyed staying the night at an AirBnB. This was our host family. img_9733¬†Unfortunately my meds put us behind and we ended up staying a few hours longer….Damn Chemo meds..ARRG

Although thanks to the meds making me sick, we were able to take our time packing the bike,img_9728¬†and we got to go to the Cody Gun Museum! Which was OVER THE TOP AWESOME!!!! I could spend hours talking about this place, just GO, if you haven’t gone, get your ass to Cody Wy…it truly tells our entire history of guns and other great stuff. I learned so MUCH. This is by far the best Museum, i have ever seen. Thanks to Brian who spend two hours pushing me around in a wheel chair, i was able to see mostly everything. I would have never made it, if i had to walk. This place is huge, 2 floors!!! Mind Blowing!!! I really wished we had more time, because we only did like half the Museum. There were several other sections of historical stuff that we didn’t have time to see. ¬†To those people that say we only had muskets back then….you are SO FULL OF SHIT……learn the facts before opening your mouth….this museum is for YOU>>>>>>Here are just a few pictures….img_0300img_0301img_0302

After the museum, we headed out to Billings Montana for our 3rd HD chip stop and then ended in ¬†Hardin Montana. At this point i could not ride another second, we had to stop, thank goodness their was a KOA with an available cabin. This meant NO tent for the night!! YAAAAAA ¬†and good thing we rented a cabin because the weather went bat shit and we actually helped some other bikers by letting them stay with us for the night, because..well their tent got caught in the lighting storm…… I have never seen storms like the one i saw that night. The entire sky lite up like fire and it rained so much i thought the whole tiny town of Hardin was going to drown.

Sunday we stopped at Custer’s Last Stand. For some reason this place made me emotional. Just staring at all those head stones really shook me to the core.


After sight seeing we headed to Spearfish Sd where we would spend the week. We made prior arrangements to stay with a new friend named Mallory. img_0014 She and her boyfriend were great hosts. We really enjoyed our time with them.

Monday August 8th, we headed out to Sturgis, which is about 20 min from Spearfish. It was at Sturgis that i realized…WE MADE IT!!!!!!! We finally made it.


I was super excited to get my HOG Sturgis Pin, because Gosh Dangit…I deserved IT!!! Was it all i thought it would be(Sturgis that is)..Sure i suppose. It might have been better if i was healthy and 20 but instead I am ¬†who I am….what is important to me, is i did it. I made the long hard journey with my health condition. ¬†We set a goal and we did it…ya US…

Tuesday the 9th we decided to take a drive through Spearfish Canyon (a big thanks to Kris for recommending it) This canyon is so beautiful.  img_9778img_9793At the end of the Canyon there is a cute little dinner/shop. img_9807

¬†We continued down the path to Deadwood. What a cool old town..similar to Virginia City, Nv. img_0379¬†In Deadwood we picked up a HD chip. YA Baby!! I also caused some trouble(shocking i KNOW) and ended up in Jail….*see photo HA!

On our way back to Spearfish we headed out to Devils Tower, However i was not impressed. You can’t get very close to it…i was bummed.¬†img_9833img_9835

For those of you looking for a town to buy, the town of Aladdin is for sale. We stopped and bought some water at the store/dinner/gas station/hotel. All that for 1.6 million ūüėČimg_9851

Wednesday the 10th we went to the Badlands. img_9872img_0378

We then attempted to go to Mt. Rushmore but unfortunately got stuck under a tree with a few other Bikers because of a major thunderstorm. Enter sad face here


We had no choice but to head back to Spearfish, although made a pit stop in Rapid City to pick up our HD chip and do some shopping. I think Brian now has an entire HD wardrobe. ūüėČ

This was our view on the way back into town(spearfish)..beautiful. No camera effects, this is what my camera did.


To finish out this evening we walked from our AirBnB to a nearby ¬†restaurant called Steerfish. This place is the best restaurant we have EVER been too. The meat is BUTCHERED right there, it is all smoked right at the restaurant and it is amazing. Now i can’t eat meat but i cheated on some bacon and it was so good i cheated on my health and ate an entire BLT. Brian had the flying pig, it was pulled pork with jalapenos and cheese.¬†that smelled divine. He agreed that this restaurant is hands down the best. We also had an amazing waitress. If i would of had a $100 in my wallet, I would have given it to her. In fact last week, i wrote her a hand written letter thanking her for her amazing service. I love visiting these smaller towns, sometimes you find gems. ¬†I highly recommend this place, if your ever nearby.¬†15c669_72adada4cadb48f4858229c208f75624

Now by Thursday, i was running on EMPTY. I was exhausted, there was no going anywhere for us. I know it sucks only having so much time and it gets frustrating but i am grateful Brian said, Hey lets just chill today. ¬†As i am telling you all about our vacation, i am obviously leaving out most of the health stuff. Truth is, i really did do my best. I pushed myself when i shouldn’t but i did it because, i don’t know what time i have left, none of us do. And i doubt i will ever be back out this way. So i had to push myself in order to get most out of the days. ¬†With that said, Brian did the best he could to take care of me and NO it wasn’t always easy, but what vacation is?

Friday the 12th we packed up our stuff  Found this gem on our motorcycle. HA! img_0019and set our GPS to HOME. But first we headed to Mt Rushmore because I was not going to miss seeing the Presidents!! And due to our luck, it rained AGAIN, but this time we just hung out in Keystone and waited for the rain to stop. Mt Rushmore was awesome and so was Crazy Horse. img_0376img_0375

We made it all the way to Casper Wy and stayed at the local KOA.  I am really tired, maybe i can fly the rest of the way home? LOL

Saturday we made it  Lyman Wyoming where we stayed at another Koa.

I love this photo from this day


Sunday we drove through Utah and made it back into Nevada.

img_0120 This was the first thing i saw after the Welcome to Nevada sign.

We made it all the way to Elko. We unpacked the motorcycle to head up to our hotel and i took this photo just to show  what all we fit on the bike.

img_0127 img_0087-1

Crazy huh! *** I will give $5 bucks to anyone who can find my cane! It is in there somewhere….. HEEHEE ¬†#dontcomelookforyour5bucksiambroke ūüėČ

Monday we woke up and finished our trip all the way HOME. Front Door to Front Door 3,2086 miles all on a motorcycle. img_0142So for all you who trailed your bikes…you are WEAK because WE….RODE


img_0323¬†img_0553We went through 5 states in 8 days. We did this. ¬†In the picture are all the HD chips we collected on the path. This is proof that you CAN NOT let your disease define WHO YOU ARE. If i ¬†had listened to everyone about how dangerous it was going to be for me and my health, i would have missed out on the best vacation ever. Never have i gone out of my comfort zone to go do something kinda crazy(and i mean crazy like riding ¬†a Harley 3000 miles wasn’t the smartest thing to do with my health.) but I did it. ¬†It was definitely a vacation that was ¬†a long time coming, We needed this, It was a vacation for no one but US. It gets old always traveling for others when they don’t return the favor. We have both learned our lesson and now it is nice to do¬†stuff for us, because in the end, it is our life, our money, our time. At the end of the day it is about US. It is our time. ¬†I also enjoyed this trip because we¬†really spent a lot of time alone with our thoughts which is good. ¬†When i say alone it is because even though you are riding in a group or with someone, the motorcycle is too loud to chit chat, so you are literally in close quarters with people for 5-6 hours in complete silence. It really pushed both of us to really think about each others needs. for example when i said i was DONE and exhausted, Brian had to stop everything even if it meant being behind schedule.(hint for other spoonies traveling…NEVER make a schedule, it just doesn’t work, pain and certain meds do not give us a break just because we are on vacation) In a car i could have slept and relaxed during the long drive but NOT on a motorcycle. ¬†And even though some days i was done and in a lot of pain, i pushed through so that Brian and I could enjoy some of the historical sites. It was ¬†very emotional at times, it was trying, it was also like i said the best trip ever. Some things are just meant to Be, and this trip was definitely meant to be, i am super grateful. This trip was not just a fun trip but also very educational. I learned a lot about our country, our history, and a lot about my personal ¬†limitations and how far i can push myself before i break.

It was also nice meeting new people. I even met someone who is a Spoonie like myself. She has Heart issues and so we spent a little time  chatting. I found it interesting that she told me that someone that she had been with previously made her feel guilty for being sick. I was amazed, for once did not feel so alone, because someone was feeling the way i had felt some 2000 miles away.

After all the unpacking, we packed another bag and headed to Vegas for the weekend for American Marksman tournament. img_0316img_0317img_0318img_0552

We had a lot of fun as you can see! The¬†boys did well, i was super proud! Brian placed 23rd and Micah placed 12 OUT of 100 shooters from 5 states. That is impressive! Great job guys!!! can’t wait to see what you both do next year.

Now it is another month and we are back to work. I am back to all my yuck meds/Dr appts/hospital visitsimg_9525img_9460

I don’t know if the trip made my health worse or progressed any of the issues I am having now like these crazy ass bruises or all of the muscle issues but these are what i am dealing with right now.¬†img_0670

So here is the health scoop. I am having some blood issues, my muscles are not working for some reason however we are doing some testing Sept 9th in the Afternoon. Also i am having surgery on Friday the 16th and a 5 hour surgery in the days to follow. I will need some help, so if you are available this month, please text me or email me. I will appreciate all the help you can give. Meals and some possible day to day care will be needed, i have heard walking may be an issue after the surgery. Am i frightened, yes i am. but  this is going to be my 19th and 20th surgeries.

Good news is we adopted 2 more fur babies. One is 9 years old and she was dropped off at the Humane Society because her owner passed away. Lucky for her, my old guy just passed away, so i would love to give an old lady a home for whatever time she has left. img_0442We named her RUBY.

Then as we were doing Rubys paperwork  Brian noticed a 3 month old in a huge cage near the entrance/exit. Now this guy is one lucky guy. He got panleukopenia. Unfortunately he was left for dead and it spread to his brain. When he was found last month, the vet said he would probably not survive, in fact he gave him a 5% survival rate. Well he lived. The disease destroyed parts of his brain so he has daily tremors, and has no coordination and walks sideways. He is a spoonie like ME, so of course he came home with us too. We named him ROCKY, because he is a fighter and a survivor. If anyone makes fun of his disabilities, they will have to deal with US. img_0649img_0603img_0619

Another important thing that happened after vacation is we finally got our certificates for the insane 16hour Two Person Armed Defense class. I am still super stoked that i took this class. Another accomplishment people said i could NOT do. fullsizerender-1

You know it is kind of funny how people try and put others down especially if they know their weakness, in my case my health. My only advice to others dealing with the same thing, is IGNORE others. I do not care what others say, i do what i want, and even if I fail, I still CHOSE what to do, no one did it for me. Support and love each other. I can’t emphasis enough how important it is to be kind to others, you never know what battles someone is going through. I have come a long way on my own journey. I have learned so much about my self since my health jumped onto my path. Having poor health really wakes you up and shows you what is important in life and what other say about you or say you can’t do has NOTHING to do with your life at all. I think the most important thing i have learned this year is that this is MY life and even though my health is taking time and energy from me, i still have plans. I will not let my health take everything from me, so i will do as many plans as I am able too. You can either be a part of them of just watch from a far, either way I¬†am living MY life the way I want and you should too. fullsizerender-3¬†***I love this saying, because it speaks so much truth*** Think about it!

Thanks again for all the continued support. Some of you are super important to me because you make me a part of your life. I am very grateful for that. So thanks….Until I have more to say…..Keep your chin up spoonies…..OUR FIGHT IS FAR FROM OVER..