Another Year in the BOOKS!

If you are reading this…Guess what you made it another year too! Ya Baby!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas/New year. I did not do much because, i just was not in the “Holiday mood” and I have not been feeling all that well. However I was able to have a great Christmas Dinner with great Friends, I call family!

When i hear people talking about all they are going to do or not do in the new year, i always giggle a little, because truth is, most people never follow through on their “new years goals.” So i suggest you just LIVE, quit wasting time planning on what you will or will not do. In my opinion it is just a waste of time. Time is short, in case you forgot. So Do what you can in the MOMENT, AND be PROUD! Take it day by day! Do NOT get hard on yourself!

I will get into my health stuff in a moment, but first i want to talk about something that has been on my mind lately.

Many people I care a lot about have been going through a tough time in their relationships, meaning many divorces and or breakups. I know this is HARD however NOW you need to take TIME to love YOURSELF!!!! When you LOVE YOU, others will LOVE YOU! I promise you this!!! Take time for you….STOP dating girl after girl, guy after guy….You will NOT find the right person dating every tom or nancy.  It is SO GOOD to spend time Alone.  Being alone is good for you.

I love this saying…..

 “you cannot possibly have a healthy relationship with others if you haven’t learned to have a healthy relationship with yourself.” -Abigail Brenner M.D.

Ok MOVING on……

So far this month has been rough, i am back to internal bleeding…which is a fucking blast..NOT 😉 I would put up pics, but just trust me on this one . Ha!

Surgery will be happening in a couple weeks. I will keep everyone in the loop. As usual I appreciate all the support and love! Spoonies, keep up the great work, NEVER give up. Tomorrow is ALWAYS another day.  Just when I think I can’t make it another day, I wake up for another day. Heck I even made it to work a few days this year so far,  changed MY OWN damn Headlights ( DO NOT tell me girls can’t find their way around a car ) GRRRRR and I even went and played in the snow…(ok well not played, but I was out in the snow..

Take NOTHING for granted! Let those who want to, love you and move ON from those who DO NOT. Be Kind, help those in need. Most of all, remember EVERYONE is going through something! A special note to 2 very awesome Spoonies, Belle and Cheryl…..Keep fighting the great FIGHT! I swear we THREE were Sheildmaidens in another life! This is for YOU two…..Love you guys……..


Kisses xoxo


This Post dedicated to 2 Special Loves I lost in 2016, Haussen Conway who loved  me more than anyone ever could and Larry Booth. who was an amazing mentor and friend, who ALWAYS pushed me to NEVER give up. You both will be missed very much, do not get to comfortable with out me, because I will be on my way before to long.

-He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’[a]or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.” -Revelations 21:4