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Happy August everyone! I thought I would do this week a little different! It is important for ME to not get caught up into this routine that my health has me on. I feel like everything I do is by clocks, medication times, etc.  I need to get off this roller coaster mentally for a week(wish i could stop the yucky poison meds for a week also but they said NO) LOL… So Instead of telling you all about my week, I thought I would write about all the great things that I have done, experienced, visited and all the great people who have been on my Journey this far. This has been some of my Beautiful Life…..

None of these will be in Chronological order.

Rhonda’s and my Thelma and Louise Idaho Trip was Awesome! I highly recommend traveling with friends! We had a blast and even though we grew up there, we found many ways to make new memories! I even got to see a few other important people! She has been by my side for many years and the love I have for her is more than I could ever express. This collection of pictures shows the many trips we took and or visits at each other’s home.  And of course almost every visit ended with a trip to the hospital but with friends like her, hospital visits can be fun…well not really But she did make me laugh through all the tears.

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I have traveled to Washington a few times since finding my son. I love how everything is so green and the smell of wet dirt is great! Not to mention how reconnecting with my first born has been such a huge blessing!



Traveling to New Mexico was an adventure and even though things did not go as I had hoped, I did get the closure I needed.  If you have not been to White Sands, you should really think about going! New Mexico and Arizona are very beautiful states.



Santa Ynez is definitely in my top 10 places I have been but it is probably because we were invited by Tyrone Wells!!! This was a trip of a lifetime. Tyrone, Elina and The Sunstone Winery family made many of my dreams come true! No one can take my memory of Tyrone singing a song he wrote for ME from the castles bathroom window. As I said, this trip was super special.


Speaking of Tyrone Wells, I love seeing him when I can! Here are many pics over the years.  His music is a HUGE inspiration. I am very blessed to call him friend. If you have not heard of him or his music, I highly recommend it!



I also enjoy Sorensen’s Resort in Hope Valley, ca. It is gorgeous up there during the summer I was there in 2009. I hope to someday stay there during the winter, I heard it is stunning with snow all over the ground. Maybe this year, I will have to ask Santa 😉




I am also a HUGE 49er FAN, going on 28 years! I stick with them through THICK and THIN!! I have seen them play many times at Candlestick Park and i pray i get to see them this year at the new stadium. Here are some past photos at the games i have been too and the friends and family who i have gone with.



Spending valuable time with my church family has also been a blessing! I just hope I get many more memorable memories with  them all.




Since being diagnosed with the BIG disease Brian and I have been traveling seeing a lot of Northern Nevada and Northern Cali. Many of the trips have been with the HOG chapter. I have been having the time of my life even when my body says otherwise!  Getting out for even a few hours once a week or every other week and then paying for it physically for days is SO WORTH IT! I hope this year and maybe next year, depending on my health, brings many more blessings my way. We have a very exciting trip coming up in September and i can’t wait to tell you all about it! GPS is all set with everything we will need including all hospitals from here to our destination! HA!! Got to be prepared 🙂  PLEASE send lots of love and prayers as we go on this 2 week adventure. I really want to show my health who is BOSS! 😉



Remember through all the Bullshit, all the health problems, all the people who leave, the people who complain, the plans that get cancelled, the sadness, the frustration, the vomiting, the screaming, the emotional roller coaster, the suicidal thoughts, the blood, the tests, the surgeries, the procedures, the INTENSE pain, in other words all the negative crap that comes with any disease terminal or not, just REMEMBER…… “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:6

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  1. I love you so much. So happy we have been able to create those cherished memories together. We seriously need to plan a Thelma and Louise trip again, if even it ends up being just a few miles from home. 😉 We definitely know how to rock our very blessed time together.

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