The Power of Friends

I have been trying to get back to writing weekly but as most of you know, I have had to take time to rebuild EVERYTHING. But Today as I write this I have never felt better about where my future is going… lets get this post started!

First off I wanted to say THANK YOU to ALL of you who have stepped up to help me with what ever I have needed this past 2 months. You really find out who has your back when shit hits the fan. No words could ever express how much you all mean to me.  Thank YOU. This website is a very big part of my life so whether any of you like it or not….I have a few things to say to you all…..and would you expect anything else from a writer?….I thought not….so DEAL with it CODY….I know it will be YOU who will roll your eyes…..

Alisha you made sure even while in another country, I had a safe place to go to and you have been there by my side ever since. Thank you so much! Girl power!

Rebecca and Sarah You two GOT me through the worst week, from pizza to face masks to Songs that forever changed my thinking….thank you both

Derek and Eric thanks for being my moving company a few times *Wink

Julie, Rodger, Kristina and Bill…..Thank YOU! My heart is so overwhelmed by the generosity of the 4 of you…I really have no words…Just Love

This next group of people I want to thank I consider my family, I see them more than I see anyone and when my world was torn apart, they all came together to see how they could help and to me that is family. So thank you Jarrett for your gift because that is really what it was. Cody and Whittney I know I thanked you both but this website is where i bare my soul and it wouldn’t be right if you both were not a part of this post. #shoppingwiththewalkers 😉

Thank you Ian my work hubby….You let me escape, drive fast and I know you would do just about anything to make sure I am ok..I love ya

Moses, Steve, James, Dusty and Ashley(ASH) LMFAO…You all push me forward and keep the days full of laughter……..

Kim I will miss our snapchat pictures….guess I will have to find a new victim……Wendy are you up for the challenge?! HAHA 😉

Thanks Delia for keeping me beautiful and for my awesome spoon flowers!!!!

And finally to the person who keeps a smile on my face…..Ryan

I am so grateful to each and everyone of YOU!!!


So here is the crap news…..My CRP, inflammation and blood pressure have all been awful. I now have inflammation around my heart, my blood pressure is very low and my CRP is through the roof. I have been off one of my chemo meds for a little over 3 weeks now and unfortunately the Dr said I have to go back on them next Monday.

I will be doing blood tests every 3 weeks so that the Dr can watch how much the progression is destroying my body…So we shall see what happens.

I am trying to find the positive in all of this and the only thing that keeps me going is the Dr’s originally said I had 7 years to live and I have flew right by that number!

So until my body quits I will just keep showing it who the boss is!

To everyone battling something now, know that you are NOT alone! You got this shit! Do NOT ever give up!

Next week I will try to get to everyone’s emails…..until then keep Fighting <3